“Like its author, this ambitious novel is by turns hysterically funny, wildly neurotic, uniquely sensitive, and heart breakingly honest.”  –  Pat Conroy

Dec. 3, 2014

Famous All Over Town Radio Show Don’t miss my radio interview DEC 3, 2014 @ 8:10am with Monty Jett on Adventure Radio- 93.5FM or 1130AM on your radio, iphone, or any other super high tech device! We’ll be talking about Story River Books and a speccial event next week that you won’t want to miss…..

Lowcountry Weekly

Margaret Evans spent some quality time on Bernie Schein’s front porch…

Read the interview.

Author Bernie Schein draws inspiration from Beaufort upbringing for ‘Famous All Over Town’ Read Interview…

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Hi Folks,


Welcome to my spanking new web site.


FAMOUS ALL OVER TOWN is coming out. You can already pre-order it. Please do. In FAMOUS ALL OVER TOWN, Everybody’s famous, or infamous: Jews, Gentiles, blacks, whites, biracial families, mixed marriages, marines, Northern transplants, gays, straights, no saints but lots of sinners, nut-cases galore.

I’ll be talking about everything here in my blogs, like I always do, not just FAMOUS ALL OVER TOWN, but everything, everyone: friendship, marriage, education, kids, backseat drivers, creativity, writing, movies, literature, humorlessness, the news, nut-case neighbors, why Jews can’t change a flat tire. Respond, comment–talk to me, Bubba. Nothing will go unexplored. Lots of it will be really stupid too, which I think should be fun. Because not only was I an anomaly growing up as a Jew in Beaufort, SC–as anomalous as a Jewish cowboy, a Jewish hillbilly, or a Jew without Irritable Bowel Syndrome–I was a dumb one.

The gentiles were smarter than me.

Read my book, my blogs, and hear all about it.


– Bernie Schein