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Bernie Schein - Famous All Over Town

Famous All Over Town

A comically candid novel of the small-town South, rampant with revelations from bedrooms, courtrooms, and all points in between

Novelist Walker Percy once said that the only remaining unexplored territory in Southern literature was the Jewish southerner. Famous all over Town, the first novel from Southern storyteller Bernie Schein, stakes a claim on Percy’s unexplored terrain with a comically candid multi-generational account of two Jews, a lowcountry native and a Northern transplant, at the epicenter of momentous events in the sleepy southern coastal hamlet of Somerset, a fictitious stand-in for Schein’s native Beaufort, South Carolina.

Schein’s diverse and memorable cast includes Southern Jewish lawyer… Read More

If Holden Caulfield Were in My Classroom - Bernie Schein

If Holden Caulfield Were in My Classroom

By the time Bernie Schein’s students arrive in his middle school classroom, they are little more than a gaggle of psychological defense mechanisms. For over thirty years, Schein has worked with students in middle-class Atlanta, helping them rediscover who they really are.

With humanity, humor, and compassion, Schein gets his students to reveal the secrets of their lives, helping them through this joyous and difficult endeavor. Through stories from his classroom, he describes how true emotion, rather than pure reason, is the key to discovering real relationships and personal truth. His account is psychologically sensitive, socially accurate, and will be a real eye-opener for parents.   Read More