Not only  are “TRIGGER POINTS” censorship, they’re bullying. Most kids are dying to find out who they really are, inside. They want to know who they were so they can find out who they are.

I remember thinking that back when I was in sixth grade, because I was short and skinny and chicken shit the school greaser in his leather jacket and ducktail bullied me and wanted to beat me up. He did. But a decade later, writing about it, I remembered why. I was a total obnoxious wise-ass. I had bullied him, taunting him unmercifully: “Ha ha. I’m smart, and you’re stupid.” Silly stuff, stupid stuff like that. “You have to say, ‘Bernie can beat me up, or I’ll tell Mrs. Christensen (the teacher) you cheated off my paper.’ ” That memory was in fact empowering, as well as enlightening. So where did my big mouth come from? What was the difference really between that and his thug-attitude? When Sergeant Bernie pinned on his safety patrol badge, guess who had to cross the street last? You got it. He couldn’t wait to beat me up. Who, in retrospect, could blame him? The whole thing, looking back, strikes me as quite funny, quite human. I wonder if, in retrospect, he would see it that way. The action between us I think he would. But was a more serious trauma behind his general attitude? I don’t know, but to one degree or another, We’re all victims, we’re all bullies, all human. The purpose of an education is to learn .

That’s our right.

The real bullies: “Trigger Points”.  They’re the Joe McCarthy of our time.

Educators telling us we can’t learn?

Time for our bullying instincts to rise up.  Time to fight back.