“You, You, You…”

I have an innate distrust of the second person “you”, particularly when it’s directed at me. “You”, Bernie, need to do this, “You,” Bernie, need to do that, and Yes, “You”, Bernie, need to do the other thing.

The message here is clear. If I don’t, whatever happens will be my fault.

The message is also, “You” need to do it “for your own good.”


Absolutely, “you” need to listen to me, Bernie.

What should I say? Aw, thank you for thinking about me, when you weren’t?

Thank you for pointing out what I need, when you weren’t?

Thank you for so generously considering my welfare, when you’re interested only in your own?


“You, you, you…” is rarely about you. It’s about the person afraid to say “I”.

“You need to…” is rarely about your needs, but almost always about his.

Not “almost” always. Always.

So fuck “you.”